The Great Bird Flu Hoax

An Important New Eye-Opening Book that Will Protect You & Your Loved Ones
from FAR More than the Just the Lies of the "Bird Flu Epidemic" ...

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The Great Bird Flu Hoax By Dr. Mercola

The Major New Book by Dr. Mercola

Great Bird Flu Hoax by Dr. Mercola

About Dr. Mercola

Dr. Joseph Mercola is a board-certified physician with over 20 years' experience treating over 20,000 patients. He shares his knowledge through his website,, which is one of the most visited health sites in the world.

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When an important nonfiction book hits the New York Timesbestseller list, an amazing thing happens -- no matter what the book's topic, the mainstream media is required to report on it.

This means that the book's subject is then very widely exposed to both the general public and politicians as well ... whether the mainstream media, the politicians and big business like it or not.

As I think you'll agree, books don't get much more important than The Great Bird Flu Hoax, my major new release that I have poured an extensive amount of time into along with my co-author and team.

And I can assure you that -- because of the great hoax this book exposes and the extremely crucial truths it provides you that have a profound impact on your health -- this is one book that certain politicians and big businesses will wish NEVER hit the New York Times bestseller list!

That is why I am both urgently and humbly asking you to take part in this unique, timely opportunity to make a MEGA-hard-hitting impact on the conventional health and agricultural industry that are sabotaging YOUR health:

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Great Bird Flu Hoax by Dr. Mercola
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The U.S. government is warning that a new avian super-flu could kill nearly two million Americans -- or if we're "lucky" just 200,000.

Mainstream media is parroting the paranoia, routinely spotlighting the relative few deaths attributed to the virus elsewhere in the world while staying calm to silent about the 2.8 million deaths yearly from AIDS worldwide and the 300,000 deaths yearly in the U.S. alone from obesity.

An entire industry has taken flight around the great bird flu fear,
with everything from bird flu masks and respirators to guides on how to survive the coming plague being hawked to a terrified public.

But there is no coming bird flu pandemic.

It is a big lie being fed by the government and big business for reasons that ironically pose a much more serious threat to your health ... reasons you will learn all about in my new book The Great Bird Flu Hoax that is available for a special 32% off price.

In a highly engaging style -- once you start reading this book I am certain you won't want to put the book down -- The Great Bird Flu Hoax picks apart the absurd claims that the great bird flu epidemic is coming and the sky is falling ... but even more importantly it then also exposes what you should REALLY be worried about in relation ...

  • The multi-national drug companies and food corporations who are pouring billions into manipulating your perception of health and now the daily news in order to earn ever-greater profits ... and how they are doing it, and the health threats (and ethics breaches) they are REALLY responsible for

  • The scientists being bought by drug companies and other big business to report whatever "research findings" they have been purchased to report

  • A government that is more than just complicit ... working with the drug companies and other stalwarts of the conventional healthcare paradigm, they are directly responsible for raising false alarms in order to draw your attention AWAY from the real public health and safety issues they are PERPETUATING.

For example, you will learn how, in preparation for the supposed coming bird flu plague, the government purchased $2 billion worth of Tamiflu (a drug whose effectiveness in relation to H5N1 is questionable) ... and how Donald Rumsfeld -- once president of the company that developed Tamiflu -- stands to benefit BIG-TIME from this "coincidence."

In a clear and compelling manner, you will learn why REAL science (and real scientists) says there is NO coming bird flu epidemic ... and what the REAL major health risks to you and your familty that you should be concerned about really are (starting with some startling inside facts you will find out about the drug companies, food corporations, other big business and the U.S. government.)

You Will Also Get New Health SOLUTIONS

Beyond just protecting you from the truly startling revelations you will discover, I made sure to also provide you with health solutions such as:

  • An in-depth understanding of why and how sustainable/local farming, organics, and overall responsible agriculture is a big part of the answer -- and a key to your health

  • Of course, how and why proper nutrition is key, and a range of information and resources for you on that front

  • The most important and effective steps to optimize your immune system ... so you need not worry about bird flu or any other type of hype, or about the real health threats such as cancer, heart disease and other genuine health issues, for that matter.

What Else Don't They Want You to Know About?

The Great Bird Flu Hoax
Table of Contents

  1. The Plague That Never Was
    What You Really Need to Know About the Bird Flu

  2. Sensation Sells
    How and Why the Media Deceives You About the Bird Flu

  3. Bird Jails
    Corporate Agribusiness and the Real Source of Bird-Borne Illness

  4. Shifting the Blame
    How the Big Poultry Companies Make Money from the Bird Flu Scare

  5. Follow the Money
    How the Drug Companies are Profiting from Fear

  6. Natural Cures
    Modifying Your Immune System to Protect Yourself from the Bird Flu

  7. A Silver Lining
    Could the Bird Flu Be a Blessing in Disguise?

  8. Resources and Organizations to Help You Stay Informed

Thomas Nelson, Publisher
HARDCOVER, 240 Pages

Just in case you aren't absolutely convinced that you NEED to read this book, here are just a few more of the crucial insights you'll gain in The Great Bird Flu Hoax: The Truth They Don't Want You to Know About the "Next Big Pandemic":

  • How and why the mainstream media has deceived you about the bird flu (and why they're not talking about the far more serious threats to your health than any bird flu) ...

  • The real culprit in the spread of bird flu (hint: it's not
    the wild or migratory birds that are currently being blamed) ...

  • Who is profiting the most from the bird flu panic (and why they're intentionally misdirecting attention away from true public health issues) ...

  • How you can protect yourself and your family from any disease - even the bird flu -- by simply and easily modifying your body's natural defense system ...

  • Why any bird flu vaccine is virtually guaranteed to fail (after billions of dollars are paid to certain key pharmaceutical giants just to stockpile worthless drugs) ...

  • How the bird flu scare is similar to previous alarms that never materialized (remember swine flu, Ebola, West Nile virus, SARS, anthrax and 'mad cow' disease?) ...

  • Find out how major meat producers are using the threat of terrorism to enforce oppressive federal regulations to snuff out their small farm competition (if you allow this to proceed unchecked, you'll lose your ability to obtain truly healthy meat) ...

  • The devious "bag of tricks" big corporations use to distort the media (you'll see how they manipulate your view of reality so they can control your behavior to make the most profit) ...

  • The one common risk factor that nearly everyone infected with bird flu has (you probably don't have it, but they don't want you to know this) ...

  • How new legislation being pushed through by the big drug companies may be the consumer's worst nightmare (and may actually destroy the Seventh Amendment to the Constitution) ...

  • The ancient Korean delicacy that’s successfully been used to treat bird flu in animals (and how it can truly help you and your family survive bird flu or other serious infections

  • The VERY prominent U.S. government official who has personally profited by over $30 million dollars from the bird flu hoax (this one, backed by facts, is CERTAIN to startle the public and the media)

  • And much, much more ...

Just imagine how much your health will improve once you finally know the TRUTH!

To give you a small "taste" of what you have in store, here are the chapters you will find in ...

The Great Bird Flu Hoax: The Truth They Don't Want You to Know About the "Next Big Pandemic"

By the way, any profit off this book will as always go right back into continually improving and expanding its mission of transforming our current healthcare paradigm to one focused on real prevention and cure.


Just a Few More of the Important Secrets You Will Learn in The Great Bird Flu Hoax by Dr. Mercola

Great Bird Flu Hoax by Dr. Mercola
  • Discover how one of main causes of bird flu disease is also one of the primary beneficiaries.

  • Learn the astounding role that 50 million of pounds of chicken manure has played in the "bird flu"

  • Find out the poison that is banned in Europe yet is being added to 70% of the chickens here because its side effect is a growth promoter in industrial poultry production

  • Find out about how the real disease the world is facing is not bird flu, but something called "Vertical Integration", a system which consists of a few corporations controlling the entire food chain

  • One simple choice you can make that would radically reduce the spread of all food-borne illnesses.

  • What would you do with a billion dollars? Find out how many billions the government will waste on ineffective "solutions" for the nonexistent bird flu.

  • Just how extensively will U.S. pharmaceutical giant Roche benefit from the government to stockpile worthless drugs for this imaginary epidemic?

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